17 janvier 2017

General Surgery  - MEDI G - 4061 (22 hours)


The Surgery Course Certificate is given by Prof Cadière
in MA1 and includes :


Theoretical Course : 8 hours



Unknow for the moment


November 12-14, 2018


1. History of Surgery

2. Pathophysiology of surgical aggression

3. Surgical indications

4. Preoperative

5. Surgerical intervention

6. Postoperative management



The theoretical course is available in the MEDI G - 4061 syllabus.  



Clinical Cases:  2 hours


The theoretical course is reviewed through clinical cases.

1. Practical classes will take place at the St. Peter 's Hospital between XX.XX.2018 and XX.XX.2018 in the operating room

(5 students per room). Please contact Prof. Cadière's secretariat to know your schedule (+32 2 535 31 49).


2. Practical workshops will be held at the Clinique César De Paepe on XX.XX.2018. An evaluation on the quality of the sutures will be done at the end of the day. 



At the end of the practical course the student is able to:

1. Assist in the operating room to a surgical procedure

2. Cut with different devices 

3. Suture

4. Coagulate

5. Staple

6. Perform surgical procedures in a simulator

Exam 2018:


The exam content will be based on the topics covered in the syllabus and the clinical cases seen in class. It will consist on 5 open questions. The exam will be graded out of 20 and a supplementary point will be given to the first 20 students who have obtained the best scores during the pratical courses which will be held in Caesar De Paepe. 

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